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marocMaroc Luxury Moroccan Rituals Launch at The Spa Dolphin Square

The Moroccan Spa and marocMaroc Spa Treatments

London, 1st September 2021 – The luxury London spa inspired by the essence of Morocco has launched a brand-new spa offering in collaboration with VILASA. and premium Moroccan skincare and spa brand marocMaroc.  

Luxury Moroccan Rituals Launch at The Spa Dolphin Square

The Spa In Dolphin Square, located in Pimlico, London is inspired by the essence of Morocco. Guests are completely immersed in the age old cleansing and purifying rituals of a true Moroccan Hammam. And now, guests can experience a fusion of ancient therapies and contemporary Spa philosophies from luxury Moroccan brand, marocMaroc.

Dolphin Square and marocMaroc are the perfect match for those looking to experience true moroccan rituals in the heart of London. Both the spa and brand allow the mind and senses to travel with an authentic environment and ingredients unparalleled anywhere else in the UK. VILASA. is the exclusive distributor of marocMaroc in the UK and Ireland and has co-developed the treatment experiences for the property. Along with training the spa team and front of house to ensure these authentic practices are performed to the highest standard. 

About marocMaroc

'The World's Most Luxurious Skincare and Spa Brand'

marocMaroc is a product line that reflects Moroccan indulgence, designed for the spa and retail markets and featuring five collections:

In The Hammam - exclusively designed for the body, specifically for exfoliation and hydration;

Majestic Rose - offers rich, indulgent body creams formulated with different rose varieties;

Generous Argan - a facial skincare range;

Authentic Almond - includes exceptional hair care products;

Home Collection - helps to create inviting atmospheres.

True to marocMaroc’s desire to offer authentic natural products, the entire range is hypoallergenic and free from mineral oils, silicones, and parabens. Focusing on sensory experience and journey of the senses, twenty products use nature and the Moroccan way of life to convey the luxuriousness of marocMaroc’s inspiration. The luxuriousness of fragrant atmospheres, textures, and colours all enhance our vision of well-being.

The Treatments

The Spa at Dolphin Square is offering two gorgeous ranges of facial and body treatments to suit every individual need, developed to incorporate luxurious elements including traditional rituals and stretching techniques. Treatments include:

Moroccan Revival - 55 minutes, £69

Experience a sensory journey through Morocco. A luxurious exfoliation using brown sugar, ground argan seeds and orange peel followed by a combination of massage and stretching techniques using Nourishing Body Balm to warm tense muscles, hydrate the skin and leave the mind deeply relaxed.

Indulgent Hammam With Facial - 85 minutes, £99

Your treatment consists of a traditional ritual that includes a black soap application to cleanse and purify, followed by a full-body exfoliation with both a kessa glove and Detoxifying Body Balm, plus an exfoliation for the face.

A nourishing shampoo is massaged into the scalp before a traditional stretching ritual with neroli shower milk completes the hammam experience. Continue to the comfort of the treatment room for a deeply hydrating facial to boost skin radiance whilst being cocooned in a beautifully rich rose body cream - a complete top to toe indulgence.


About The Spa - the creation of an authentic Moroccan Spa

"When I first had the idea to create The Spa in Dolphin Square, I wanted to bring my Moroccan experience to London, but needed to adapt it for a Western market in a busy urban environment. I took what was important to me living in London and fused it with the traditions I had observed in Marrakech.

I love tradition but in my opinion, it often only works in the environment where it was created. Factors such as climate and natural daylight all influence the outcome of the experience. Although The Spa has a strong Moroccan influence, we made a conscious decision to mix ancient spa rituals with modern touches, such as express treatments and Wi-Fi, to suit needs of the clients it would service."

Neil Miller-Chalk, General Manager, Dolphin Square, London., +4420 7798 6767

The Spa Inspiration

I have travelled to Morocco many times. What I really like about the Moroccan way of life is the dramatic contrast between the chaos and drama of the external streets verses the solitude and peacefulness of the traditional Moroccan home or Riad. One minute you are in a tiny chaotic street winding through the Medina and then you step through a beautiful artisan door to solitude; an inner garden, the sun shining down casting wonderful shadows through shades or foliage and absolute peace and tranquillity.

While staying in Marrakesh I became very interested in the Hammam culture, reading and speaking to many people on the subject. I remember seeing an interesting man whose job was to stack wood into a furnace used to heat the water for the public Hammam, which sparked my initial curiosity.

From this, interest grew the seed of an idea – to take the public Hammam’s principles of bathing and cleanliness and give it the twist that would be needed for a successful London spa.

To do this I needed to figure out how to combine the tranquillity of a Riad, mixed with the Moroccan subtleness and gentleness of customer service.

My “research” meant visiting various spas and Riads in Marrakesh. I drew inspiration from many places but these are the ones which stick vibrantly in my mind:

Riad 72, where I was staying, had elegant traditional Moroccan architecture with a modern slant (a similar concept to what we have to the décor of The Spa) and a Hammam decorated with the traditional Moroccan finish, Tadelakt.

The second place of inspiration was Les Bains de Marrakesh, a lovely spa where they encompassed all the above in a unique way. I go back every time I visit Marrakesh.

I was also struck by La Maison Arabe, a county club style Riad which I believe is owned by an Italian Price. The Riad has a gorgeous Hammam and is adorned with Moroccan Artisan influence, which has an almost colonial feel to its interior design.

From these influences we have created a spa that fuses ancient expertise with modern innovation and I am very excited to share my vision with you visit The Spa in Dolphin Square.

Neil Miller-Chalk, General Manager, Dolphin Square, London.

The importance of authenticity

With so many spas scattered around London, guests are seeking more than just a mediocre massage or short stint in a sauna – they’re looking for authentic and unusual treatments, and the opportunity to experience some of the oldest cleansing rituals in the world.

The Spa in Dolphin Square takes the wisdom from ancient Moroccan beauty rituals and offers them to guests in a sensual and relaxing environment. From the moment spa-goers step through the hand carved doors of the Spa, they’re transported to the depths of Morocco, where they can enjoy traditional Hammam, Rhassoul and Salt Infused Steams.

 marocMaroc Body Exfoliation Treatment | VILASA.


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