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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Removing Your Make-Up

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Removing Your Makeup

One of the golden rules of beauty is that you must always remove your make-up. But how? What exactly should you do and what mistakes should you avoid making?

1 - Rubbing:

Rubbing equals damaging, in particular around the eye contour. Rather than rubbing, rest damp cotton pads with a couple of pumps of cleansing milk onto each eye for a few seconds, this allows the make-up product time to dissolve. Then fold one of the cotton pads in half and place under the lashes, use the other pad to work down the lashes to effectively remove makeup without causing harm to the delicate eye area. Then carefully sliding the cotton pad around the eye contour to remove any last traces of mascara.

We recommend the Caresse de Néroli gentle make-up remover. This delicate lotion gently removes make-up from the face and eyes, leaving the skin velvety soft and nourished.

2 - Choosing the wrong formula:

To gently and effectively remove make-up, the texture of a cleansing milk is more comfortable than that of a gel, oil or micellar water, in particular if you wear a lot of make-up. First, warm the cleansing milk in your hands, then use your fingertips to gently massage the skin on your face to loosen make-up. Next, use damp cotton pads in upward strokes to remove. 

We recommend the Caresse de Néroli gentle make-up remover. This ultra-soft orange blossom cleansing milk dissolves make-up without dragging the skin.

3 - Using tap water to rinse your face:

Tap water undergoes chemical treatment to clean it and so is often too hard for our skin. As a result, it causes dryness, irritation and damage to the skin barrier. So what can you do? After cleansing your face use a toner to remove any traces of make-up remover, excess sebum or dead skin cells. Thermal water is also perfect for purifying your skin after cleansing.

4 - Neglecting the lips:

The downside of waterproof and long-lasting formulas is that they can be difficult to remove. To get rid of even the most stubborn pigments, after using make-up remover, apply a generous layer of day cream or lip balm and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, gently roll a cotton bud over the lips to lift off any last traces of pigment and dead skin. You could also include this step in your weekly skincare routine to obtain the effect of a light lip peel at home.

5 - Forgetting about the neck and chest:

The skin in these areas are only a tenth of the thickness of the rest of your skin so are delicate and prone to ageing therefore should be included in your routine when removing make-up. So what’s the best way to do it? Using a cleansing milk, massage in upward circular movements, beginning at the centre of the chest and then moving out towards the shoulders and neck. Use cotton pads to remove the product before separately cleansing the face.

To finish, apply a serum to hydrate the lower layers of skin, followed by a moisturiser to lock in hydration and treat the skin you can see today. Apply to the  décolleté, neck and face. Expert tip, massage any remaining product into the back of your hands to treat the delicate skin. 

We recommend the NEW Cactea Soothing Serum with three protective omegas. This serum is made from pure Prickly Pear oil. A skin treatment to soothe, comfort and nourish. It restructures the skin's natural protective layer and slows down signs of premature ageing at the source. Follow with the NEW Cactea Rich Cream for the ultimate age defying hydration boost.


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