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The Ultimate Step by Step Mens Shaving Guide

The Ultimate Step by Step Mens Shaving Guide

Did you know that on average, a man will shave approximately 20,000 times during their lifetime? If each shave took 10 minutes, this would work out at 140 days or five months of non-stop shaving. Here is a guide on how to spend that time wisely by achieving the closest shave.

Step 1 - Preparation:

Shaving is part of most men's daily routines. However, a lack of preparation can cause dry, sensitive skin leading to premature ageing.

Read our step by step guide below for how to prepare for a better shaving experience.

An essential part of any pre-shave ritual is hot water. Always shave after a hot shower but never before. The hot water helps to open pores, cleanses the skin and softens hairs for a closer shave, using an exfoliating scrub at this stage would be recommended for best results.

Before shaving lightly apply pre-shave oil to protect the skin and to soften the beard, allowing the razor to glide smoothly.

Step 2 - Lather:

It is essential to use a good quality shave cream as they offer many benefits over using shaving gels and foams. Creams soften and lift the beard allowing the razor to glide effectively over the skin giving the closest and most comfortable shave.

Lather the cream with a shaving brush, as this will help to create a richer lather.

Step 3 - Shaving:

The most important thing to remember when shaving is to ensure you shave in the direction of the hair. Shaving against the hair first can cause ingrown hairs and razor burn.

Always ensure that the blade is in good condition. A blunt blade will irritate the skin and result in an uneven shave. The moment the blade is not performing correctly, replace it.

While the blade is a vital part of the equation. The razor itself should be easy to handle and offer perfect weight to ensure the right amount of pressure is applied to the skin.

Always move the razor across the skin with gentle pressure and rinse the blade after each stroke, this will keep the blade clean and the stroke sharper. To achieve an even closer shave prepare the skin with pre-shave oil and shave cream again. This time shave lightly against the grain, using small strokes to prevent irritation.

Hairs grow in different directions on the neck so run your finger along the skin to ensure the razor is following the grain.

After you have finished the shave splash the face with water and pat to dry. If you have cut yourself while shaving, use an alum block to stop the bleeding. An aftershave balm should then be applied to relieve any irritation and restore hydration levels in the skin.

Step 4 - Moisturise:

The last step is to use a daily moisturiser all over the face to leave skin hydrated and comfortable.

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