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What is a Moroccan Hammam And Why It's The Must-Have Wellbeing Treatment?

Hammam Treatment London

Put simply a Hammam is the original wellbeing treatment. Over the past few years, it has gathered momentum across the global spa industry for those looking to introduce an authentic wellness experience for guests, yet the hammam is nothing new and is a treatment experience that has been looking after peoples overall wellbeing for thousands of years! 

The first public baths were created by the Romans, allowing locals to cleanse, detoxify, soothe their muscles and recover from injuries.

The ritual soon caught on around the world with Moroccans being amongst the first people to embrace that way of bathing. Making it part of their weekly routine and even a community experience as a place to catch up with friends or even do business, similar to the way we go to the pub to meet up with friends!

Today hammams are appearing in more and more luxury hotels and retail locations around the world to include, Four Seasons, Versace, One & Only, and Harrods Urban Retreat. It is fast becoming a popular option for spa guests looking for memorable treatment experiences that will also look after their wellbeing.

Hotel hammams have elaborate designs with marble slabs and gold sinks to fit with the interior of the spa and treatment rooms, a far cry from the simplicity of the ancient hammam. Spas are offering an authentic experience with traditional procedures but also incorporating the luxurious touches we have come to expect from such spas. The routine ensures comfort with product lines selected to complement the setting.

A hammam experience typically consists of an application of thick back soap that coats the skin. Once applied, you are left to rest in the steam to open up the pores and deeply detoxify the skin and body. Buckets of water are then poured over the skin to remove the soap. Lying on a warm slab the exfoliation is next, traditionally performed using a Kessa glove to remove dead skin cells and impurities. With luxury Morrocan brand marocMaroc they always include a double exfoliation to include the Detoxifying & Exfoliating Body Balm. The face is also included during this ritual using the Exfoliating Wax-Cream to brighten and refresh the skin gently. The product is removed from the body using marocMaroc Infusion d'Orange Shower Milk and completed with traditional stretching techniques and sometimes a massage dependant on the booking.

The benefits of this treatment go way beyond just softer glowing skin. It can also help to boost the immune system as the hot steam used during the hammam dilates the blood vessels and increases circulation in the body, opening pores so toxins can be released. The warmth of the hammam combined with massage promotes deep relaxation helping to reduce muscle tension, stress, and anxiety.

Hammam treatments can be carried out at home using the marocMaroc retail collection. All the ingredients are sourced from the lands of Morocco, allowing your senses to travel to this diverse land.

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